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On November 7, 2013, a beloved photographer passed away. His name was Shiromasa Kuyama.

He was a photographer who did the unexpected, was full of charm and always stayed positive no matter what. In his own style, he showed us, in the form of photographs, a mysterious world created by chance.

The life of Shiromasa Kuyama was art in itself.

He left a number of works: some of them radiating strength, some mysterious and some heart-warming. There are many that are yet to be made public. It would be a shame if they remain buried and unnoticed by the world.

His friends who loved the photographer, and his comrades who took journeys together with him, have formed “Team Shiromasa” and set up this website. We wish he could have extended his already successful career. With this feeling, we invite you to experience the world of Shiromasa.

その名は「久山 城正」。
偶然の不思議な世界を彼流にカメラで切り取ってみせてくれる、そんな久山 城正の生き方そのものがアートでした。
そこで、写真家久山 城正を愛した仲間たち、一緒に旅して来た仲間たちが「チーム城正」を結成し、このサイトを立ち上げることになりました。


–team Shiromasa

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