TSUNAMI-8  テトラポット Tetrapods

078 Photographed on 6/23/2011

“I’ve had enough of this. Everything’s so damn quiet.”

We left Sendai airport behind us and drove south along the coast. The terrain around us was almost entirely flat. The car navigation system told us we were driving through residential areas and agricultural fields, but all we could see through the windshield was emptiness and desolation. “I’ve had enough of this,” Kuyama suddenly said. It was a line we often used to tease our young editor when we had lost enthusiasm for a project. But this time I think he said it in an attempt to escape the horrible sense that our emotions were being numbed by the horrors constantly unfolding all around us, and as an excuse for driving through these devastated areas without even stopping. Then suddenly he shouted, “Stop!” He leaped out of the car and ran toward a small fishing harbor a short distance away where he stood taking photos and looking out at the tranquil sea just beyond his lens. When he finally returned to the car, he had a look of disbelief on his face. “Is this really the same sea the tsunami came from?”

Written by Tetsuya Hirose



ライター / 廣瀬達也

> 3.11 写真家・久山城正が遺した東日本大震災の風景 スペシャルサイト



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