TSUNAMI-7 金剛寺 Gongōji Temple

010 Photographed on 4/19/2011

“Wow, look! Everything’s still in color up there. The cherry blossoms are blooming, in spite of everything.”

Everything in the disaster area was covered in mud, so that it was extremely rare to encounter any patches of bright color—although there were occasional glimpses here and there if you went looking. This lack of color was as striking as the scale of the damage itself. Kuyama was photographing the wreckage when he suddenly turned toward me and shouted these words. Down where we were standing, close to a pathway that led up to a temple on a small hill, everything was covered in rubble. Even the trees that lined the slope had been damaged by the waves. But when we lifted our gaze to the temple itself, we found the area aflame with the beautiful pink of cherry blossoms. This harbinger of spring reminded us that the world was still a colorful place after all and even brought us a moment of happiness.

Written by Tetsuya Hirose



ライター / 廣瀬達也

> 3.11 写真家・久山城正が遺した東日本大震災の風景 スペシャルサイト



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