TSUNAMI-6 大川小学校 Ōkawa Elementary School

031 Photographed on 6/22/2011

“ . . . . . . . . .” (Silence)

Continuing along a “road” made up of huge numbers of metal sheets spread out alongside the Kitakami River, we eventually reached a place where the bridge across the big river was down and we could go no further. The place was crowded with police, Self-Defense Force and fire department vehicles, and taxis carrying reporters. It turned out we were not far from the Ōkawa Elementary School, where so many children had perished that day. It was one of the places I returned to every time I visited Tōhoku to join my hands in prayer. For a while there were no restrictions in place and it was possible to enter the building. The school stands as if surrounded by the mountains and the embankment along the river. We could only imagine what had happened here that day. Normally we batted remarks back and forth all the time like a comedy duo, but in the face of this we had no words to say. I sensed a hint of anger on Kuyama’s face.

Written by Tetsuya Hirose



ライター / 廣瀬達也

> 3.11 写真家・久山城正が遺した東日本大震災の風景 スペシャルサイト



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