TSUNAMI-3 折れた電柱 Broken Utility Poles

019 Photographed on 4/19/2011

“Did you know this is what utility poles look like on the inside??”

From Rikuzentakada we drove south along Route 45. Toward Kesennuma, the road veers briefly away from the coast. Noticing a hardware store by the side of the road, we decided to stop by for a look around, but when we got closer we were shocked to realize that the entire first floor of the store had been swept away and now lay open to the elements. As we stepped out of the car, we noticed a strange smell in the air. Continuing into the town as if led on by something, we entered a black world where everything seemed to have been scorched by flames. Subsidence had left the coastal area where the seafood stores must once have stood under water. We had arrived in a monochrome world, devastated by the tsunami and the fires that followed. The surrounding area was susceptible to flooding even in normal times. There was no way a car could get through. Kuyama got out and put on his boots. Heedless of his own safety, he disappeared into the desolate landscape, occasionally reappearing again from the least expected places.

Written by Tetsuya Hirose



ライター / 廣瀬達也

> 3.11 写真家・久山城正が遺した東日本大震災の風景 スペシャルサイト



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