TSUNAMI-1 鉄橋 Railway Bridge

013photographed on 4/19/2011

“What’s happened here?”

This was the devastating sight that greeted us as we entered Tōhoku and headed down from the mountains toward Rikuzentakada on the coast. Looming ahead of us were the ruined remains of the railway bridge that used to carry the JR Ōfunawatari line across the Kesen River. We had started to notice signs of the devastation along the road before now, but this was the first thing that really brought home to us the full scale and horror of what had happened. We were still more than three kilometers from the coast, where we had heard that one single tree had survived from the beautiful pine grove that had previously stretched along the beach at Rikuzentakada. From here, the altitude dropped and the extent of the damage grew more severe we neared the sea. Just before this photo was taken, there were ten times as many crows on the tree behind us. After this, Kuyama went off somewhere for a while, saying he wanted to take some pictures of the surroundings. When he returned, his face was grim and drawn.

Written by Tatsuya Hirose



ライター / 廣瀬達也

> 3.11 写真家・久山城正が遺した東日本大震災の風景 スペシャルサイト



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